Addressed to all triathletes, coaches, professionals with degrees in physical education and sports, or related, and general public interested to participate in the course: Level 1 “Sports Initiation” of the University of Triathlon.

Level 1 Objective: Developing students with the essential competences to carry out a teaching-learning process. Applying the theory and methodology of sports training to sports initiation, directed to a training session with technical progressions in transitions and in the three segments of Triathlon (Swim, bike and run).

First phase
The student completes weekly activities at any time and from any part of the world.
Pedagogical resources: books, homework, tests, forums, videos, 2D and 3D graphics and tutorials. This phase will take place in the online platform of the University of Triathlon (from your place of residence).

Length: 26 weeks via internet (from may 20 2019 to october 31).
Note: All work must be carried out and delivered within the dates stipulated in the platform. No work will be accepted by e-mail or late.

Second phase
Face-to-face sessions. 30% theory and 70% practice.
The student chooses the date and place to attend, during the inscription process. Attendance is mandatory at the date and venue selected. At the end of this phase there is a final theoretical and practical exam. This phase will take place in Clermont Florida, USA.

Length: 3 days (from november 29 to december 1st).
Note: The student is in charge of his/her own transportation, accommodation and food expenses for this phase of the course.

Third phase
Practical sessions. The student must submit his/her work within the deadline stipulated during the face-to-face sessions. It will take place in the online platform (from your place of residence).

Length: Aproximately 1 month (december 2019 – january 2020)
Note: Details for this phase are explained during the face-to-face sessions.

More info:

¡Limited ENROLLMENT available!


The cost of this curse is $390.00 USD. (At the moment of registration, the cost appears in Mexican pesos, therefore you will see a different amount).

CAMTRI will grant one 100% scholarship to all National Federations that enroll 2 or more coaches to this course. This scholarship is assigned per country, for the course: Level 1 “Sports Initiation” of the University of Triathlon. The coach who is granted the scholarship must work with children, junior or high performance athletes.

Online payment

Credit card payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

Online inscriptions generate an extra fee for service.

1. Complete the on-line payment process
2. Send an e-mail with your full name, the level you registered to, and the payment receipt attached as a PNG, JPG or PDF file, regardless of the system’s payment confirmation. (Other formats will not be accepted) E-mail: and
3. Within 48 hours, you will receive an email confirming your pre-registration.
a. Registration to the University of Triathlon Digital Platform will be available after May 15, 2019.
4. Once you complete your registration in the platform, you will receive an email with your username and password.

* Applicants must make sure that the data in the registration process is correct (without spelling mistakes), and must include a valid e-mail that should be checked continuously. Any change in the e-mail address must be promptly notified to the course organizers.
**It is the applicant’s responsibility to verify their access to the course and report any technical problems immediately.

• First Phase (University of Triathlon Online Platform): Complete at least 90% of the on-line activities to earn the right to attend to the Second Phase.
• Second phase (Face-to-face sessions): Complete 100% of the activities and obtain a minimum average of 70 in the final exams in order to earn the right to enter the third phase.
• Third phase (Practical, the student will makes practical sessions from his country or state): Complete and on time delivery of the final practices and/or final report.

The completion of the three phases is the responsibility of the student enrolled in the course and is essential to be certified as a trainer Level 1 of the FMTRI-CAMTRI. Failing to meet any of the requirements set out above the University of Triathlon has the power to cancel the course.

If you have a degree in Sports Science, Kinesiology or related, you can get accreditation for Level1 and register for Level 2.
The steps for this accreditation are:

1. Send an e-mail to including the following documents, in digital format (PNG, JPG or PDF):
• A letter requesting the accreditation of the Level 1, and the motives for requesting such accreditation.
• Your degree
• Your degree audit or credit transcript.

All documents will be reviewed by the University of Triathlon. The candidate will be informed if he/she qualifies for an accreditation, and the steps to follow.

2. Pay for the accreditation ($390.00 USD) and send an e-mail with the payment receipt attached as a PNG, JPG or PDF file to:

3. Present and pass a face-to-face theory exam on the three segments of triathlon and transitions, as well as a practical exam on swimming.

If the candidate fails the exams, the $390.00 USD payment will be used as the payment for entering the Level 1 course.
If the candidate passes the exams, he/she must complete the inscription process for the Level 2 course.

Any aspect not covered by in this document will be solved by the American Triathlon Confederation.